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The onboarding process will consist of 3 steps

1.) Training quiz: This is to test that we use to train you, not test you. (It’s very easy, the system allows you to change any wrong answers)
2.) Login setup: We will set you up a login and make sure you can log into app successfully
3.) App Training order: We will give you training order using your home address to teach you how to use app before sending you out into the field.

So, to start I want you to do this training quiz, it will make you familiar with our regulations and this industry. This is not to see how much you know but rather to get you up to speed on the basics.

We don’t need you to be an expert to begin performing work orders but do want you to understand some basic concepts. If you are willing to learn, we are willing to teach you this industry.

I am attaching a field manual link, and other guides to assist you while taking the test. Take it as many times as needed in order to pass. Let me know when you are familiar with the material, so we get you a login and start sending work orders.

To access field manual click here

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To Begin Training Quiz Click Here

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