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How many pics are required on a Level 3 inspection?

Level 3 property condition pics (200+ pics) 

This is the most detailed inspection of a property we perform. Types of orders that require these types of photos include Initial secure, conveyance checks, evictions, Deed In Lieu, etc….. 

Exterior photos – 360 view around the house and all outbuildings (pics should capture full sides of house and property from 20-50 feet away) 

Photos of the roof from the roof or top of the ladder if accessible.  Photos of every window and door (should fill the entire screen with each door and 

Every downspout, gutter, AC Unit, meters, dryer vents (gas and electric) 

Close-ups of all damages and debris (photos should be from every possible angle) 

Photos of all vegetation touching any structure, fence, or roof. (photos should be from every possible angle, make sure to show where is touching structure) 

Interior Photos – Every ceiling, floor, wall, closet, attic, and crawl space. 

Inside and out of every appliance, cabinet, drawer, toilet bowl and toilet tank 
Inside pics of all windows and exterior doors. (should fill the entire screen with each door and window) 

Electrical – Photos of all wiring Intact and vandalized, outlets, switch plates, breaker boxes, loose or hanging wires, any exposed wires (every cut wire if vandalized)  

Plumbing – all plumbing lines intact and vandalized, water heaters, sink drains, shower faucets, tub faucets, sink faucets, shut off valves, water meters. If plumbing has been vandalized pics of every cut line is needed and pics of where plumbing used to be.  

HVAC – all heating and cooling systems including boiler systems, furnace, ac, baseboard heaters, duct work, copper line sets. Make sure to document any vandalism and to take pics of all possible angles of HVAC system.  

Foundation – All basement walls (far away photos capturing as much of walls as possible, and where basement wall meets the concrete floor) Any discoloration, mold, signs of water, cracks. Sump pumps should be checked to see if they are working (move plunger to test).  

Water and Moisture Issues – Mold, discoloration, water stain and roof leaks. Water is a major issue we run into most often. If you find any substance on a wall document it!  

Damages – holes in floor, holes in wall, missing handrails, hanging hazards, broken glass, uninstalled doors, graffiti  

Debris – all items in the house should be photographed from every angle possible.   

The more things we find wrong = more bids = more approvals = more $$$$$$ 

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