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How many pics are required on a Level 2 inspection?

Level 2 property condition pics (50-100 pics)
This is the most common type of photos we take. All non-grass cut orders require level 2 at the very minimum. Types of orders that require these types of photos include bid approvals, work order, final approval, winterizations, etc…. 

Exterior photos – 360 view around house and all outbuildings. Photos of the roof from the ground. Document any damages or issues you encounter.  Photos should be large overall views clearly showing the layout of property and buildings.  

Interior Photos – All ceilings, floors, room pics from door and opposite corner, appliances, inside toilet bowls, furnace, water heater, breaker box, etc… 

Damages – take pics of any damages that are new to you. Sometimes we will be given properties we have never been to. When in doubt take a pic. You can never take too many photos of a property. The more stuff we find wrong, the more we can bid. 

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